Subscription to MindNode - worth upgrading?

I have the last perpetual version they released (V7?) and I was wondering if the subscription version is worth the additional expense?
Anybody make the jump?

I did not. I haven’t seen a feature that’s made it worth it for me (ie, ability to do other sorts of diagrams like flow charts, swim lanes or fishbones, etc). iThoughts HD does this but isn’t as pretty.

Value is such a personal decision, isn’t it? For me, who read the Tony Buzan book on mindmapping back in 1979 or so, it is easy. 40+ years of using mind maps, and MindNode is the best tool I have ever used for the technique. It is my go-to tool for thinking visually, and it does provide a lot of value for me.


I think there are three reasons why someone would want to upgrade to our subscription:

  1. You want to use our new outlining feature
  2. You only have a single platform license and want to use it on the other platform as well.
  3. You have a license for Mac and iOS and want to take advantage of the 12 month free trial. I think we will soon end this promotion and only offer the 6 month free trial.

In general you should get a 6 or 12 month free trial with your license. So you shouldn’t be billed right away.

If non of the three points above sounds interesting, I’d suggest you wait a bit and start your free trial once you see a feature you want to have.


Thanks for the candor!

Thanks @MarkusMS

Has the team also considered providing a lifetime option for people who are uncomfortable with Subs - USD99 etc Just a thought

Furthermore, I only just discovered the Mindnode Blog. There is a wealth of knowledge there…

Yes we considered lifetime options as there are many people who dislike subscription. However it seems most developer who tried them seem to regret it after several years. I hope that our Free Editor helps to decrease the fear of getting locked into our subscription. When you cancel you can still make basic edits to documents and export them to all supported file formats.