Suggestions for tidying up desktop and underneath?

I’ve got two photos here: one of my desktop and the other of my under-desktop. It’s on the back wall, in a built in credenza-type set up, and I’m wondering about ways to tidy it up. I think the actual desktop is okay, but I also think it would be nice to mount that MyBook underneath the desk. Anyone every done that before?

Underneath is a different story. If someone is standing at my actual desk (where I do my writing and reading), they can see that gnarly, wiry part pretty clearly. Any thoughts or suggestions there?


Mount the power strip to the underside of the desk for items that always stay plugged in like your monitor and chargers. For cables under the desk there are self-stick mounts for zip ties to hold them out of the way. Your MacBook should have a dedicated charger at your desk so you don’t have to unplug it. For the other cable s, get some surface mount conduit and run the cables in it to the desktop.

Thanks. Good suggestions. I should have said that the MBP gets plugged in and powered by a USB-C cable in the monitor, so that’s what happens there.

old I.T. guy here. Under the desk I would remove all of the slack in the cords and tie it up just below the desk using velcro cable ties - bonus points if you mount the surge protector on the bottom of the desk as @glenthompson suggested. That is faster but not quite as neat as surface mount conduit. But if all of those cables run upwards from their wall plates they would generally be out of site unless you bend over.

If it were me, I’d consider a shelf like this for the drive.

Velcro cable ties are great, so I’ll second that recommendation! Same with mounting the power strip. Split tubing is also handy for wrangling lots of cables.

Mount a 5 ft long power strip under your desk.

Good suggestions above. Something like this that groups multiple wires may help.
Self-Closing Braided Wrap

I broke down and got some of these cable trays from Amazon. They help organize things better than I could.

You mount them onto the back or under your desk and lay the cables on it. I also use the velcro cable ties (already mentioned) to help with organization of the cables.

Another suggestion for ties: these have worked really well for me for a variety of cable sizes. They can be released and zipped back up, the mounting tape holds well, and you can screw mount them as well.

Velcro-ing everything under the desk has worked well for me. I also suggest replacing any long cords that go between the power strip and chunky AC adapters with short ones like these or these.


If you have to deal with a lot of wall wart chargers I found these extension cables to be great.


Thanks; I’m wondering about using Velcro for the strip outlet. I don’t necessarily want to drill into the wall (it’s my office at work), but getting it off of the floor would be nice.

I used this suggestion recently: Rain Gutters as Cable Management Tools

Cheap and quick. In my case I used magnetic hooks on my desk’s frame and zip-ties through the pre-drilled nail hole on the gutter hangers to hang them. No need for end caps either. Cheap, effective, and unobtrusive

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