Superb Customer Service from Spark (Readdle)

Like many on this forum, I’ve gone back and forth trying to find the an excellent mail app with a robust feature set, strong reliability, and few frustrating quirks and bugs. One of those is how Spark handles Groups. Here is what I sent to Spark support:

I want to use Spark as my default client but I’m running into a problem I cannot resolve. I have two groups setup in Apple contacts. When I try to use these groups in Spark by typing in the group name, it is duplicating some of the names–see attached. I have resynced the address book in Spark. I have deleted and reinstalled Spark, deleted and renamed the groups in Apple Contacts but to no avail. The process of deleting unwanted autocomplete addresses does not work for groups. This problem is only happening with Spark on iOS. It does not happen with Spark on the MBP. I am running the latest OS versions and updates on all devices (MBP, iPad Pro, and iPhone).

Below is the outstanding response I received. I must say that I’m impressed. So, I’m going to start with Spark as again as my default and wait for some additional improvements. This kind of support warrants my support.

Hello Barrett,
Thank you for your email with the detailed feedback.

I have consulted our developers regarding the issue and although iOS pasting 2 contacts appears to be expected behavior for Spark, we think that there still should be the ability to choose which email address is to paste to when adding the group. We have registered the improvements in our system and I have saved your email. I will surely let you know when this improvement will be added to Spark!

Thank you for letting us know what you are looking for in the app.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!
Best wishes,
Nikol Smoliarenko
Spark Support Team


I always receive great support for PDF Expert too.

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This is nice to read. I returned to Spark a few weeks back and (touch wood) I’ve been happy thus far. Always good to know that an app you depend on is well supported by the company that’s responsible for it.

After receiving that email I also moved back to Spark. I’m willing to deal with the friction points given their genuine interest in addressing problems, responsiveness to support issues, and because of the ability to integrate tightly with other services like OmniFocus. There is no “perfect” email app but for my workflow and needs, Spark is close.

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Readdle always says the right words but I’ve never seen them fixing any of my issues…

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Unless things have changed, the integration did not seem so tight last time I checked. Does the share sheet still send emails to your OmniFocus inbox without the ability to assign projects on the fly? Is there a way to get the URL to a message without having to use the share sheet (and the public link feature)?

Yes, you can add project and other information as part of the sharing function. And, there are two options related to the email link.

Thanks. So this still isn’t the true integration you get for instance with Airmail or Apple Mail on the Mac.

This is what I get with the share integration on Airmail for instance on both systems:



I don’t use Airmail, trying to run into difficulties. how do you integrate Apple Mail with OmniFocus when there is no share sheet?

On Mac: the “clip-o-tron” (now simply called Service, I believe) does the trick (in the Mail menu).

On iPadOS: drag and drop to a list of tasks.

On iPhone, you can’t unless you use Dispatch, which is the last email app (which hasn’t seen an update in a long while) to use the native message:// URL scheme.

That is unfortunate. I want to have a consistent GUI on all devices so for now I’ll stick with Spark so that I can get most of what I need into the OF task. Hopefully, Apple will add a share sheet to Apple Mail.