Superdrive is dead

My ancient Apple Superdrive CD/DVD reader went tits up today. For the non farmers, generally when any animal has that part of their anatomy pointing skyward it’s bad news.

I was trying to rip files from a music CD I just bought.

Guess I have to wait a bit longer to hear the music.

In the IT industry it’s often called “going casters up”. :slight_smile:

(For the easily offended, which doesn’t include me, that might be a kinder term.) :slight_smile:


Why does Carlin’s Seven Words monologue come immediately to mind?


If you’re looking to replace, this Asus isn’t bad, Asus external. I have one and bought one for the in laws. I also like to buy my music on CDs.

Thanks for the info. I was looking at some refurbished drives on Amazon. Then realized that’s hardware and Not My Department :laughing: SO turned the task fo finding a replacement over to the resident hardware guru.