SuperDuper 3.5B

Is anyone using the 3.5 Beta release of SuperDuper? If so, how is it going?

I am, as far as I can tell it’s working fine so far.

M1 or Intel? Were you able to “smart update” a pre-3.5 backup?

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Intel, and no, I started from scratch.

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I’m using 3.5B3 (v121.3). I switched to it when I recently upgraded my 2017 Intel iMac from Catalina to Big Sur. It seems to be working great, although I haven’t actually tried to reboot from the backup, but then the backup is really there in case I ever need to rebuild the system via Migration Assistant. In fact, when I upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur, that was a part of switching from my internal Fusion drive to an external Thunderbolt 3 SSD as my boot drive (best decision I ever made). I did a clean install of Big Sur on the SSD, and then booted it and used Migration Assistant from my Fusion drive. Since I changed so much, I decided to erase my SuperDuper backup drive and start backups from scratch rather than try a smart update from Catalina to Big Sur.


Off topic, but what software did you use to create your avatar? Looks great.

Ya, I’m where you are with a ‘new’ bootable backup from Big Sur on a MacMini to a new Samsung T-5 using the latest Beta of SuperDuper. Theoretically, everything went a smoothly as every other Bootable backup using previous Mac versions with their comparable SuperDuper versions. Only, this time I haven’t worked up the brass to take the final step and boot from the external drive. So, my suggestion is why don’t YOU boot from your backup and let us know how it went….:wink:!

@Daveb08 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Sorry, only going to happen in a complete emergency, like I’m unable to boot from the recovery partition. But given today’s SSD expected lifetimes, I doubt that I’ll ever need to boot from the SD backup.

Not to pick on @agmalis or @Daveb08, but an emergency should never be the first time you try to access your backup. A backup that you don’t test regularly is like Schrödinger’s cat: it could be a working backup, it could be nothing more than a paperweight.

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Ya,ya ya…….you had to remind me…:wink:

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