SuperDuper vs. Carbon Copy Cloner

CCC just because I got a deal on it a while ago and found no reason to switch/move.

That said: I could use rsync to do the same stuff.

I quit maintaining a cloned backup a while ago. The last time that I had to restore from a backup, Time Machine worked perfectly well.

I just realized that I haven’t updated SuperDuper since I got a new MBP about a year ago. I liked the simplicity of SD, but I would probably just use Chronosync because I already have it up and running and use it for other things.

From their blog:

MAY 19, 2021
CCC 6 is here! Faster backups, better accountability, Dark Mode, and so much more »

I just discovered that I need to buy a new license if I want to use a native Apple Silicon version of SuperDuper. There is NO discount despite I own previous version. The alterative is to run a rosetta version of the app :smiling_face_with_tear:

May be time to try Carbon copy cloner or ChronoSync (especially I am only using the app to backup data , I do not need a bootable backup

It is still possible to attempt a bootable backup with Carbon Copy Cloner, but Apple’s evolution of their file system has made it difficult. See Creating legacy bootable copies of macOS.

Mike Bombich does a great job of explaining the ins and out of Apple’s changes without the grumbling that Dave Nanian over at SuperDuper would sometimes engage in.