Surprisingly useful use of the Drafts widget

Recently, I added the Drafts widget to a stack in my home screen, and linked it to a note tagged “Permanote”.

I use it for reminders I want quick access to: book titles, a shopping list, etc.

For years, whenever I’ve left my office at work, I’ve put a sticky note on the back of my phone, with room numbers where there’s a PC to look at, the jack & switch port combo I need to patch in the network closet, etc.

I realized today that I can replace the sticky with my phone’s “permanote”. They start in a digital to do list (items tagged “Visit”), and I’ve been rewriting them. Now it’s just a copy/paste.

The list is always sorted top down, so I can ride the elevator up to the highest floor and start working my way down, floor by floor.

Any personal items for the day go below that. Nothing is permanent, as all the work items “authoritative” version is in our ticketing system, not the version on my phone, so I can just delete them as they’re done and then update the ticket when I’m back at my keyboard.

No rewriting and easier access. Win win.


That’s cool.

If you have not tried iOS/iPadOS 15 (or Monterey) yet, you’ll like the quick note in Notes. One of the best new features.

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