Surveillance cameras...nightmare to choose one

I’m really looking at options for an indoor surveillance cameras. But with so many choices I’m finding a bit difficult to invest in one.

I’d like it to be connected through Wi-fi and to avoid subscriptions (24hrs of free cloud would be enough for my use case). Then I’d be looking for the more typical features (alerts, motion detection day/night, etc).

And lastly, at a good price in the UK.

Any recommendations?

Do you happen to have a synology?

I have 2 webcams hooked up to my synology and use surveillance station to monitor and record activity. All movement is recorded and sent to my synology, the movies (short 2 minute bursts) are immediately synced to an encrypted partition offsite on my brother’s server as well using synology cloud sync. So even if someone steals the synology from my home the movies have already synced offsite.

This way all my video data stays private, I have complete control over all that happens, viewing the footage from a remote location is easy via a VPN, and I pay 0,- in fees to any 3rd party.

Any camera that is compatible with the synology software will do, so even less expensive ones. And I have completely removed internet access for the cameras, so they can only be reached from the local network to prevent IoT mishaps.

For me this works very well! (safe secure and simple :slight_smile: )

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Ended up wot a Arlo Q and happy so far (but early days). Especially like that it has 7 days of cloud storage (enough for my needs) and everything else I was looking for…and no subscription (so far) :grinning:

Though I have a synology that workflow gets a bit too technical :grinning:

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