Suspected sleep/wake issue for iMac and Mojave? Any ideas?

I keep seeing getting these notifications when I come back to my iMac after being away from it for a while… sometimes only 1, sometimes 2-4. I never see this notification while I’m actively using the computer. This Samsung drive is attached with velcro to the rear surface of the “foot” and connected with the USB C cable it came with - it’s only used for my time machine backups. Not sure what’s causing the random ejection errors but I occasionally sleep in this room and have seen the computer wake from sleep randomly in the middle of the night; not sure what is causing this. Might these issues be related? Did some digging in the power management system prefs and didn’t find anything unusual, and pulled up pmset in the terminal but I’m a little apprehensive about changing anything here and not sure what setting would be contributing to this odd behavior in the first place. Any ideas on how to keep this computer asleep and stop disconnecting itself from the Time Machine drive? Tia!

No, it’s the only thing plugged in other than my mouse & keyboard

Yikes - this may also be a Time Machine issue; thought I’d set it to backup automatically but looks like it hasn’t been backing up at all since August 2019. Went ahead and turned this back on, preparing backup now. Not sure if this helps with the sleep/wake issue or random disconnects though.

I’m curious, under System Preferences | Energy Saver, do you have Put hard disks to sleep when possible turned on?

How about Enable Power Nap, which might be causing your computer to wake at night?

That definitely looks like your Mac is going to sleep and waking up, and the drive is disconnecting when that happens.

I set my desktops to never sleep the computer, but do sleep the monitor.

I do have “put hard disks to sleep when possible” turned on. Also I did have power nap enabled but went ahead and deactivated, will see if that helps.

maybe I’ll try this for a while too. Thanks!

This seems to be a solved issue… haven’t gotten a single disconnect in over a week. Thanks, guys, for the suggestions!