SwitchBot control via macOS?

Is it possible to control SwitchBot switches from macOS?

I currently have two such switches, one to control an HDMI switch I use to share a monitor between my Mac and my work PC. And another I use to power on a headless Mac mini that lives under my desk. I currently control them with my iPhone, but would like to do so via my Mac.

I’ve searched in a number of places, and have come up empty. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Thanks. The API looks interesting.

I took a quick look at Bluestacks, and the website is very focused on games. Do you know if it is a more general Android VM? (I suppose I could just download it and try it out. :slight_smile: )

So, you got me thinking, would the iPhone app run on an Si Mac?

And it does. So no need for an Android emulator (although that may still be cool to play with).

So now to see if I can automate things with this. Time to play.

And I’m still going to look into the API.

Thanks again.

Well, it kinda runs …

It launches, and it shows my two SwitchBots, but all of the controls in the app are non-functional.

It seems odd that it would see the SwitchBoots but not be able to control them.

I guess I’ve got some investigating to do.

To be continued …

So here’s a fun bit. I just tried again, and it worked.

Curiouser and curiouser …

The first time I launched the app, no devices showed up.
The second time both were shown, but non-functional.
The third time it worked.

The fourth time … :slight_smile: