Switchem - Manage App workspaces

Hi All,

I think during the latest MPU+ @MacSparky mentioned that he will be sharing the scripts he use to manage the apps on dual monitors and their orientations on screen.

In the meanwhile there is a small tool that can help creating several app workspaces that you can switch between them with simple commands. Switchem is a small utility that can achieve that. Switchem can be purchased separately for $10. You can use the app as well, as part of Setapp subscription.

I did not use this app for too long, it’s not the best app around, sometimes it actually crashes; but for its use it’s not too bad.

Any thoughts about this app?

Have a great weekend…

Looks like a throwback to Windows 1, before overlapping Windows were possible. Also more iPad like. Should be good for better focus while working.
It’s similar to Workspaces, which I bought but was unable to use because it won’t launch MATLAB.
Personally, I have a ‘quit everything’ Keyboard Maestro macro, then open apps I need, using Magnet to arrange them, if necessary.