Switcher Control in iPhone XR - out of control

Was hoping to remotely control Macbook Pro with iPhone XR.
Was messing around with Switch Control settings on the iPhone XR,
hoping to it intuitively.
The iPhone XR has gone berserk:

blue boxes appearing all over screen;
other controls appearing and disappearing;
screen is unresponsive;
asked Siri to turn off Switch Control - he says he can’t do it.
researched elsewhere, one solution was to press Home button 3 times; iPhone XR has no Home button.

Appreciate any input.
Many thanks.

Again working intuitively, I seemed to have sorted it.

Asked Siri to turn off Wifi, which he did.

Did three Force Restarts - no luck

Pressed the power button 3 times:

was offered to switch to Magnifer, which I did.

Pressed the power button 3 times again:

was offered to switch back to Switch Control, which I did.

And the problem went away. Checked settings and Switch Control

was turned off.

Can’t explain any of that.

Anyway, all this is for the record for users who find themselves

in this situation in the future.

Many thanks.