Switching Airpod connection from an iOS device to another iOS device

Been wondering if I can ask Siri to switch to my iPhone when my Airpod is being used and connected to my iPad.

Just thought it would be nice to be able to do that when my iPhone is another room while the Airpod is connected to the iPad.

That’s a great idea.

Sometimes at the gym I switch the AirPods connection from my phone to my watch.

Sometimes it works.

But sometimes everything gets confused and nothing works, like a four way stop with four very polite drivers.

Would be nice to have Siri work as the switchboard operator.

Great Idea! … having mi iPad/iPhone/Watch competing for my AirPods is annoying, especially when I’m trying to go out for a run but can’t leave because my AirPods keep switching back/forward between devices.

maybe I’m doing it wrong?

I wondered this yesterday - in the office I usually connect to my iPad Pro but when I leave I often forget to switch to my iPhone, tap my AirPod to play and it starts playing something from the iPad.
I tried a few commands with Siri (“Connect to my iPhone” etc) but it doesn’t seem to be a current capability of Siri. A Shortcut would be just as good but again Shortcuts only has a Bluetooth On/Off toggle.