Switching back and forth between iOS and macOS

I’ve got an iPad Pro sitting next to my Mac on my desk and it has just struck me that in the last half hour I have:

  • Used Continuity to open a webpage from my Mac on my iPad so I could run a workflow on it.
  • Turned from doing something on my iPad to my Mac so I could use the quick entry feature to enter a new task in OmniFocus.

I did both of these without really thinking about them; I needed to do X, so I turned to the platform where it was easiest to do X. Am I crazy or do other folks do stuff like this too?

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I switch back and forth using, but mainly just when I feel like relaxing (iPad and settee) or get focused on work (Mac at desk).
It’s so simple to continue the same task on the other device.

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I often do the same thing, but I think I could integrate the two more more mindfully.