Switching iCloud

So, I made a big mistake. I have all my devices setup through my work email address. An email address I will not have for much longer.

Someone PLEASE tell me there is a super easy way to transfer everything over to a new iCloud email… purchases, Apple Music, apps etc etc

Change the email address of the Apple ID. You can’t transfer purchases. You can change the address at appleid.apple.com. Do it while you have access to both addresses.

I would recommend that unless the Apple ID is provided by your employer (I.e. with a device), or you are your employer, everyone use an email address which is theirs rather than @work.com for their Apple ID.

Yeah I realize that now Hahahaha… so nothing transfers over when you switch to a new Apple ID?

Is this like starting over?? :scream:

Correct. Which is why I recommend changing the email address of the Apple ID instead.

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Ahhhhhh I see… I can keep the same “Apple ID” but change the email address associated with it!!

Feeing some relief there :grinning: good luck!!

Yes!! Hahahaha

That is one of those stupid things you don’t think about until … well… this happens :joy:

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One other possible workaround to keep access to purchases would be to create a new Apple ID and then set the new one up as the head of a family for family sharing. Then invite your work email Apple ID to be a part of the family. Most things purchased under your work Apple ID would then be available to anyone in the family.

I changed apple ids this way about 2 years ago and still have access to most of the app purchases, all the movies, tv shows, music, and iBooks purchases from my old Apple ID.