Sync issue with DT Workflow alternative?

Up until a few days ago DevonThink sync has been rock solid with iCloud. However, I have run into syncing problems that thus far I have been unable to resolve. The iOS documents are not syncing with the Mac version. I have deleted and reinstalled the app., and turned off and back on iCloud sync across platforms but it is still not working.

I’m considering an alternative if this issue is not quickly resolved. I don’t have time to mess around fixing sync problems–I just want to get my work done.

I use DevonThink to store research articles (usually PDFs), tax/financial records, receipts, manuals, webpages, quotations, Amazon book highlights/notes, etc. I don’t use most of the features in DT–mainly storage, tags, and search. That said, I want the documents I store to be searchable, e.g., PDFs. I use PDF Expert which does not OCR documents so I have relied on DT to OCR documents for searching, which it does automatically when a file is added to the database.

Is there an alternative to DT (app or workflow?) that would meet my needs to easily store documents, webpages, OCR documents, and has tags? Evernote is not an option for me for a lot of reasons that I’ll not bother to state here. If there was an easy way to OCR documents on Mac and iOS I could create folders and store documents directly to iCloud but other than PDFPen, which I dislike, I don’t know of a good solution.

Any suggestions for OCRing documents in both iOS or Mac and saving documents to another application or in iCloud directly? Alternative reliable apps?

I would seriously consider using Apple Notes for this (which I use heavily for notes but not document storage) but I’m concerned with the upper limits of Apple Notes in terms of a lot of PDFs–thousands.

I finally solved the problem but any input will still be appreciated.

There are several options to accomplish this I think. With DevonThink itself the most obvious. Since DT3 I’ve switched from it to a system using iCloud Drive, my Synology and a Hazel / PDF Pen combination for OCR.

I use my iCloud drive to drop files in a folder that’s watched by Hazel on my mac mini. This then OCR’s the files, and sorts them into either an inbox folder on my synology, or a pre-set folder based on the filename.

My OCR setup is based on the one Katie Floyd wrote years ago. It’s referenced here by @RosemaryOrchard on the automators forum

What I like about this setup is that it’s extremely flexible. You can send the files anywhere you want, just find what works for you. I’ve put most of my data on the synology to reference it through the synology drive app (using selective sync options) This keeps these files nicely separated from my normal workflow, but also allows me to have a large set of reference documents always with me.