Sync: Obsidian, Craft, Ulysses, etc

No, it is a plain text editor that does a nice job of parsing and displaying Markdown syntax. I suggested it when someone said that the iA Writer editor was kinda expensive for writing a quick note to go into Obsidian.

If you’re looking strictly for capture on iOS (not working with the vault) then Drafts would do. Usually I capture notes in there and then sort them into Obsidian when I get back to my laptop.


I use Shortcuts together with the Advanced URI plug-in. It pops up a simple capture input window and then adds a note (named by date and time) in a predefined “inbox” folder. I can sort it out later. Markdown syntax and tags work.

This does involve opening Obsidian, with the slowness that entails, but the several-second delay comes after the capture process so I find is no longer disruptive to my train of thought.

Happy to share the shortcut which I think I found on the Obsidian forum in the first place.

You could possibly even use it in conjunction with a note sorting plug-in to file the note based on tags you include.

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Yes please. I normally don’t do any capture in OS for Obsidian but I’m traveling and have found a need for that capability right now.

Yes please! Sorry I missed this when you first posted it.