Synch 'On My Mac' Mail between Mini and MPB

With my MBP dying under the weight of Zoom meetings and increased workload due to working from home, I bought a new Mac Mini to try to lighten the load.

I had figured out that I could synch my documents through Dropbox on both machines, but totally forgot about mail.

I know that with IMAP I can manage NEW mail consistently on both machines, but does anyone have any ideas on how to handle the thousands of old messages that I have classified in the ‘On my Mac’ section?

Any inspiration appreciated!


You could just copy the whole mail folder over?
the path I think is something like this: ~/library/Mail/v7

You should then have everything the same on both machines

Set up an IMAP account on both machines then copy your old messages from the “On my Mac” folder to an IMAP folder. I used this method years ago to consolidate my old and archives to Gmail.

Depending on your email provider and internet connection, it can take some time so don’t try to move everything at once. In my case, I would copy a month or two at a time.