Syncing and deleted apple notes on ipad

Hi Power Users,
I created a note in apple notes with all sorts of information on my ipad, but it wasn’t syncing with my phone, so I flipped the iCloud switch in settings (where it lists the Apple ID, etc) to allow syncing within notes. Alas the phone settings overrode it so the file no longer appears within notes on the ipad or phone. Yet when I use spotlight on the ipad to search for it, the note comes up in the results, but when I click on the results, it simply leads me to the notes app without the note. So spotlight is seeing it somewhere on my ipad, but where? Needless to say, I checked the various trash and other existing folders. Since I’m new to apple notes, I don’t have much stuff to search through.
Thanks - I put a lot of work into that note, and I really want it back!

Try adding another new note.

Thanks, but if this was supposed to bring something up, it didn’t.

Does the new note sync correctly?