Tables, cells and using outline

Hi everyone,

I am a teacher and do a lot of curriculum development. I HATE to use Word and prefer pages, even though working with tables seems a little easier in the former. Tables seem to work ok in Pages on the mac, but on iOS, I dont see an option to put an outline / numbered list inside of a cell like I can do on the mac. Is this a feature that is not available on iOS or am I just missing it?

I need to make tables and then put outlines inside of cells for the overall course map that I am developing. If possible I would prefer to work on my ipad whenever possible.

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I’m afraid you’re right that this is not possible in Pages on iOS. Or if it is, I haven’t figure out how to do it. I think it was only recently that Apple added new formatting features to the Mac version of Pages and Numbers.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid an Apple iWork team member would tell you that you’re “using it wrong” and that tables aren’t really meant to include bulleted lists. Since it seems like you’re doing this for layout more than data structure, perhaps someone here might be able to suggest a clever workaround?

You can create a bulleted list and cut and paste it into a cell on Pages for iOS just fine. You just can’t create a new list inside a cell. From my brief testing.