Tags and Flags in OmniFocus 3

Interested in what new uses people are finding for tags and flags in OmniFocus 3.

In OF 2 we were limited to single contexts and flags. I used contexts in a fairly traditional GTD sense (people, places, tools) and flags to indicate tasks I wanted to get done today.

The introduction of multiple tags in OF 3 opens up a whole new range of possibilities, but which are people actually finding useful ?

A couple of thoughts from my own usage…

The introduction of the “today” tag replaces my previous use of flags and frees them up to use for something else. I’m currently experimenting with using flags to denote the 2 or 3 key tasks I particularly want to or need to get done today. I have a “Do” custom perspective grouped by flagged status that ensures these tasks appear at the top. I’ve found this helps focus on doing the things that are really important rather than just checking off a bunch of easy stuff.

I’ve also introduced a “later” tag with an on hold status that makes it easy to hide tasks that I know I’m not going to get to this week from the daily planning perspectives that I review each morning to set my goals for the day.

What new and creative uses have others found ?