Tags, fabulous tags: Request them here!

You can see all tags currently in use here.

If you would like to request a new tag, you may do so here, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We want to avoid duplicate tags, the more tags that mean the same thing the more complicated it is.
  • Tags are lowercase, and spaces are replaced with dashes, this is done by default.
  • Tags should be useful for more than one thread (ideally).
  • Tags are not a replacement for good titles :wink:

Request away!


I recommend adding “appletv” and “tvos" so that all of Apple’s major product lines and OS’s are covered. It might be helpful to have tags for “airpods”, “homepod”, and “apple-pencil” as well.

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They are actually there, you just might not be able to see them because they haven’t been used yet :slight_smile:

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How about a tag called developer? If it’s there I don’t see it.

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Thanks for the heads up, @RosemaryOrchard. It looks like I’m only seeing tags that are associated with at least one post.

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Just spitballing some ideas:

Drafts, GTD, Audio, Calendar, Email