Tags not working in file picker (Big Sur 11.2.3)

I have one tag. Uno. I’m trying to use it to group “current” documents for easy access.

I can see the tag in the Finder sidebar, and when I click it the files tagged with it are visible.

When I click the tag in the sidebar of the File → Open dialogs of apps though, I get nothing at all. No files, no folders, nothing.

I’m wondering what’s going on, and if there’s a way to fix it. Anybody have any ideas?

And…update. It looks like if a document that the program natively opens is tagged, I can see it in the file picker. But if it’s not a document the program thinks it can open, I get nothing. And by “nothing”, I don’t mean “it’s greyed out” - I mean it doesn’t show up at all.

So if Pages opens the file picker, I can see RTF and Pages documents. But the ZIP archive that’s in there is invisible. And so is the folder I tried to tag.

This makes doing things like tagging project folders pretty useless, since the folders logically can’t be “opened” by the program, so they’ll never show up.

Very frustrating. I’m hoping somebody might have a solution?

Some apps have a preference to show all documents in the file picker, iirc.

Maybe Default Folder X would work.

That’s the problem - even apps that would otherwise let me choose won’t let me see anything in the “tagged” view that doesn’t apply. And that includes folders.

Screenflow is a good example. I hit the button to import a file, and the file picker opens up. I then navigate to a regular (i.e. “not a tag”) folder. It shows everything in that folder. The stuff that it knows how to deal with has the filename in black text, and everything else being grey. Folders show up as normal.

In the exact same file picker dialog, I click on my tag. Nothing shows up that wouldn’t have been black text in the above view, and all folders are gone.

So I can’t, for example, tag a project folder and quickly use that to navigate for the half-dozen apps that apply to that project. I apparently have to tag every individual file in that project, and then sift through all those files in a “flat” view in the tag folder.

It would almost certainly work, but I just can’t stand how slow it is. I’ll have times when I open the file picker dialog and the Default Folder X overlay takes multiple seconds to even show up.

If that’s what I have to do, I’ll live with it - but the slowness drives me bonkers sometimes.

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