Take Control Books for $5 until 26 Oct

Sale sale sale due to their 20th anniversary - all books at $5 each

I thought Sparky wrote one Take Control book, did he? I don’t see it though.

Edit: looking at the list of Authors, it was Rosemary Orchard who wrote a Take Control book. The Shortcut one

How is the Terminal book? Any comments?


It’s very usable; best to go through the intro and basics, then look up what you need to do for a specific task. I only know of three current books about using Mac OS Terminal; this one, DanielPlatt’s Tweak Your Mac Terminal, and the currently OOP Mastering Mac OS Terminal. I prefer this one, with Platt’s a distant second.

This one could use more examples, but it’s easy to follow.

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Another to add to your list:

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Looks like Take Control Terminal is a good start for a Terminal noob like me. I am also interested in Apple Script but it does not looks like there’s a Take Control on this.

There isn’t, but Take Control of Automating Your Mac has a brief introduction.

Apple’s introductory materials are very good.

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