Taking immutable notes

This might be a good jumping off point for a deeper dive.


Here is a quick read on one of the aspects: http://www.mesard.org/pdf_documents/Record%20Keeping%20for%20SAR%20Dog%20Teams.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1kTZENz_OmbFnNkwm_aF10j3DAexF4Z2IzZ949NrAavLzDTo6UodOochw

In many ways it comes down to being able to show with reasonable certainty that the dog did what the handler said it did. I.e., an indication a scent was found (or not) and what scent that was. If e.g., a dog is trained on general human scent (area dog) but also on Canabis - a handler would not know if a dog’s decisions are based on a human found or just a bit of weed. Deciding to not dig deeper into a ravine or the opposite can be a tough call particularly after a long search and a hectic day.

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I admit I do not know what is an acceptable form of electronic record keeping for this application, I am on a fishing expedition if this is remotely possible (and also practica/simple). I see above quite a few interesting starting points to dig further. Thanks for all those leads!

Sometimes when you get to the end, you realize paper and pen weren’t so bad after all :slightly_smiling_face:
I would be interested to hear what you decide on.

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Usually far faster than fiddling with computers, too.

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This isn’t a recommendation, and I haven’t had to do this myself, but the scenario prompted this thought: if I needed to prove that I’d written something before a particular date, I’d write it in a text file (markdown) and run a SHA hash function with the file in Terminal, and post that hash to Twitter, whose posts can’t be edited and are time stamped. Then I could point to the hash as proof that the text file is unaltered from that date :slight_smile:


That’s smart – and has an illustrious history. It’s the modern version of what the Wikipedia article that @JohnAtl referenced claims that Issac Newton did with anagrams when he didn’t want to reveal a finding but wanted to lay claim to it.

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Or…git which works very similar to what you’re describing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: