Talk about your labors of love

Awww- that’s cute!


Holy mackerel, great timing here. I have a friend who lives up in LA and, like David, he loves to go to Disneyland to just hang out. It’s just a short drive for my friend, as it is for David.

My wife and I live 90 minutes from Disneyland. I’ve been thinking that it would be lovely to do a weekend trip up here in July or so. I mentioned this to my friend and he said, “It’s going to be insane. This is not the kind of thing where you just wing it.”

My friend knows me pretty well. He knows I am definitely a guy who just wings it. But for this trip, I apparently need to do homework.

So this Field Guide is extremely well timed for me.

Thanks, @MacSparky!

Cool - I hadn’t realized @MacSparky was a former cast member!

We head back on Monday - kid’s skipping a day of Kindergarten - can’t wait!

I’m a little confused about this thread. Is it an actual request for people to share or was it meant to be about David’s Disneyland Field Guide?

In my case, this one will be a labor of love. Our kids are both off to college and graduate school in the fall and Daisy and I wanted this as something for us to do together. To use Apple parlance, it’s a “hobby” project, but we are both excited to go on this journey.

It also gives me an excuse to get better at filming and processing. I’ve already made a ton of adjustments in how we film after just the opening day video.