Talk me off an Apple Watch ledge?

Hi there. I’ve been getting the stainless chassis AW’s since the Series 4 and put in solid weight lifting workouts on a regular basis. Perfectly fine for wearing to the gym and long sweaty cardio workout, they rinse and clean up just fine.

Also, as a guy nearing 50 (gulp) - I say you want to have a multi-device lifestyle in any category, you owe no one an explanation :slight_smile: I’ve done this in the past as well - kept a stainless for work and for going out - and an aluminum for the gym and doing outdoorsy stuff.

Do whatever suits your fancy!

A little different take than the others. I use an apple watch series 4 for sleep and a 7 for everything else. I have the smaller watch because I wanted the lightest one possible. If I want to look at a bigger screen I look at my iphone or iPad.

Sorry if I missed this in another post, but I recall you were holding on to that series 4 with a fading battery until the new watches came out. Did you get a new one? If so, which one. Just curious.

I am using Ultra to run and lift weights, and I do not feel it’s heavy.

I have and use two. I tend to get a new watch every two years. The new one is daily use. The old on I setup for the other wrist and use it for sleep tracking.

I still have the S4 but at about 6pm I have to put it in low power mode to make it to the end of my day, but even then it sometimes dies on me. I’m not sure I can wait until next year, I may have to bite the bullet and buy another watch between now and Dec. I’ll decide between the S9 and the Ultra 2 once I’ve tried both on in the store. If there is a major, compelling upgrade to the watch in 2024, I may trade a one year old watch in for the new model, which is not something I’ve made a practice of doing.

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Thanks, everyone! The Apple Store (Christiana Mall, Delaware) was a madhouse. The staff were doing everything they could, but it was pandemonium. The greeter was extremely apologetic about not being able to help me herself, but, etc etc., and when I said, “it’s OK, they’ll get to me when they get to me,” you could see relief wash over her face. She checked back and I assured her I was still fine. When a salesperson was free, she grabbed him, walked him over to me, and said to him, “spend as much time with him as he wants, because I want him to come back and teach a class on how to be a customer in our stores!” He was great, even gave a little fashion advice on the bands.

Anyway, I tried on the stainless watch and I don’t think the weight will be a problem at all, even for the larger size with my skinny wrists. The silver was “flashier” than I thought it would be, and the darker one (with milanese loop) was a lot less “Darth Vader watch” than it looked on the web site, so I think that’s what I’m going to go with. I was pressed for time with other errands and so didn’t order it in the store; I’m in no rush. The salesperson confirmed to me that ordering the watch with the milanese loop and then ordering a sport band separately would be cheaper than ordering the watch with the sport band and the loop separately.

It was also quite fun watching a young-ish guy in front of me pull out a wad of $100 bills and peel them off to buy an Ultra watch!

So I’ll keep the S4 aluminum just in case, but I don’t think I’ll feel compelled to switch to it for workouts. Maybe if I want to sleep track. Thanks to Aaron above for the affirmation about the 2-watch life! And thanks everyone for the input!



That’s my in-laws’ local Apple Store, so I’ve been in there quite a few times, and it’s never not a madhouse. I remember reading somewhere once that that particular store sells more iPhones than any other Apple Store in the US, in part because Delaware has no sales tax and in part (I suppose) because of where it’s located.

Glad it was a successful visit!

Glad the Apple Store visit worked out for you! I don’t like aluminum watches at all; they look cheap to me, and if my wife’s is any indication, they scratch very easily. I wear my stainless steel S7 every day and have had no issues with scratches, and don’t notice the weight while running, biking, or lifting weights. (Frankly, I don’t notice the weight period and I don’t think it’s heavy.)

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You all have me wondering what’s wrong with my wrists. :slight_smile:

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Per my earlier post, I’m not making it through the day. Here is my battery level starting at 5:30am to 6pm.

You have me wondering what’s wrong with yours! Gotta start stretching your wrist in the mornings or something. Wrist squats! (To be clear, this is a joke, but I turn 33 this year and I already know it’s not funny.)


I think you should get a series 9. I just got my wife one for only like $450. Her series 4 served her well (swimming a mile 3 days a week amongst other things) for 4 years.

It will be a difficult decision between the S9 and Ultra 2. I like the look and size of the stainless steel watch, but the Ultra’s longer battery life, larger screen, and better GPS are enticing. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll have to spend a little time in the store trying them on to see what I think. I really wish I could hang on until this time next year, but I don’t think the battery will last that long and purchasing a new battery does not seem like a wise investment in a S4. I could buy a charger for the office and charge it mid-day to get me through the day, but I’d prefer not to be preoccupied with the battery level in my watch during the course of my work day. I have more important things to deal with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting. I have an iPhone 14 (upgraded in the summer from a 5S!) with the GPX Tracker app installed. Daily walks are tracked by the app with traces dating back to July of 2019.Now I have a Watch S9 which is simultaneously tracking the same walks.

Comparing the two GPX files generated (the one from the Watch being accessed by the iPhone’s Export All Health Data option) there is less “wobble” in the track from the Watch; egress/ingress of my house, as I started/stoped the apps, and generally as I walked my exercise routes looked like spaghetti in the iPhone’s version whereas the Watch’s is clearer. Whether the Ultra series would create even better GPS traces I cannot at this moment afford to find out. The S9’s traces are fine for my purposes.

WIll probably drop the iPhone’s GPX Tracker app soon but will retain Avenue which is a macOS GPX file display program based on some code from GPX Tracker.

Oh, you’re not wrong. I’m 40, and today I woke up with both my index fingers feeling jammed. I swear I didn’t poke anyone hard or even do aggressive finger guns.

I’ve had to routinely visit physio multiple times in the past year because of “you need to start stretching now” injuries. I didn’t need to stretch this much before! And the physiotherapists always think you’re kind of dumb for not stretching, but one day, I just woke up and my body started failing in new ways. It’s not cool!

I must be a “bad” person. I never stretch before my 3-4 mile runs (usually 4-5 days/week), even though my wife tells me to stretch every time I get ready to leave the house for the run. :joy:

My physio implied one day that stretching after is more important anyway. Who knows who to believe?

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They are probably right, but it reminds me of when we were told that eggs would kill us but now we are told that they are good for us. I’m not being cynical, I’m fully aware that the science evolves. :slightly_smiling_face: -

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