Task manager/to do app recommendations

Reminders is my primary app, but for my most important tasks & events I use use Due. It will definitely keep nagging you so you don’t forget.


I should also mention Amazing Marvin, which is good for the undecided, as it allows you to pick different customizations to tailor it to the way you work. It also has customizations to change its appearance to look more like other task managers you might like. It’s good if you like tweaking things, but the database remains intact, so you don’t have to start over as you would if you changed apps.
There are also a lot of things based on psychology like ways to cope with procrastination, gamify tasks, etc.

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That looks super interesting. Is anyone using Butleroy?

I find that what I want to adapts to the system I have. Things is pretty simple and is certainly missing some features, but I can get what I need out of it. Reminders has really improved over the past 2 iterations (wish they added features more often than yearly) and I can easily get by with that.

Well, I purchased it and gave it a try… for me it does not do much more than integrating Reminders and Calendar, which is nice and for the price, well, it’s not bad at all but that is already covered by Fantastical and, as I stated before, it is a glaring omission on the part of Apple.

I have a love-hate relationship with Marvin. It does everything. Everything! Has the most solid 2-way sync I’ve tried for as many calendars as you like. But the usability, specially on mobile devices is… well let’s say like, Omnifocus, it does not spark joy :wink:


There’s something about that style of UI that doesn’t work for me.
Whatever is common among Notion, Amazing Marvin, Pagico, probably others I’m forgetting.
It’s ill-defined or something. I mean, Pagico has a timeline(!!!), something many people wish for (including me), but there’s a disconnect for me.
I dunno.

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I think all the examples you mentioned are multiplatform apps built with web-based tech. You want a “Mac-assed” experience, whatever that is.

Maybe. I’m fine with Obsidian, and could use VS Code if I got it under my fingers.
It’s that kind of nondescript window of white - could be notes here, could be links, could be…