Tech & Services to help during cover-19 & social distancing

I thought it might be helpful for this forum to share apps, sites, services, etc., that can help all of us find what we need, stay informed, connect with others, and anything else to help us through this period of disruption to the normal. I’ll start with these sites for finding items in high demand:

Google Shopping

Apps? Other services?

Previous thread on this topic

I missed that thread. Sorry for the repeat.

I work in and Emergency Room as a Charge Nurse / Hand sanitizer is good. Washing your hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap and water is astronomically better. You must ensure your hands are clean because we all know we are going to touch our faces.

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My wife sent me this as a screenshot someone sent her. I must track down the original but so far no luck.


I saw it on Twitter last week.

This is probably an odd question but assuming one doesn’t get water into the phone/iPad, I would think a mild solution of soap on a very damp (not dripping) rag for 20 secs would be a good way of cleaning germs off of an iPhone and iPad. 70% wipes are are in short supply at the moment. Would that be correct?

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This is good, thanks!

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Allegedly this is “the source”, but because Twitter who really knows.

Possibly. I saw it and iMessaged it to a couple of people) on Thursday.

It’s what I’ve been doing recently.

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I believe that would be fine. personally I’m even more thankful for my waterproof OtterBox iPhone case. I just grabbed a cotton ball with alcohol and wiped it down. Hubby took the 99% pure electronics alcohol we have and can clean all the contacts and ports.

On the whole hand sanitizer thing. The standard isopropyl alcohol we buy at Sam’s Club is 91%. You can buy a gallon of sterile Livestock OB lube for about $13 off Amazon. OB Lube is basically the same base as purel but significantly cheaper. I have it for the imminent lambing anyway. So I’ll be mixing my own hand sanitizer. And for longer term a friend sent me this:

FWIW Our county was a major supplier of moonshine during Prohibition. The county Sheriff even helped load the railcars that took it to Chicago. I personally know of at least 4 stills in the county, licensed commercial ones, plus a number of folks with small stills used for concentrating herbal essences. We have a lot of fruit growing. I am sure that we will not be lacking in both drinkable and cleaning alcohol for long.

Dark Noise is temporarily available “for free” via a public beta for those that have to work at home (to fight the Corona virus):

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That is hilarious!! I’ll be sharing that one as my wife’s family is from Kentucky, which has been known for its moonshine. :slight_smile:

Interesting, He had it for cleaning boards after soldering. OB Lube cuts down the alcohol concentrate nicely and improves contact time.

At my company we are running through disinfectants liek crazy. Hard to procure them.

What I don’t care about is disinfecting my phone. I’m the only one using it, so no vector for SARS-CoV-2.

My concern is that I touch so many other surfaces and then touch the iPhone. It becomes an additional vector for transmission.