Tech Tips for Moving?

Hey everyone!

So I’m moving, and wondered what your techy tips are to make things run a bit smoother. There are some things I have in place already:

  • An Airtable base for tracking things like new items to buy, a modified budget estimate, if items should be moved or replaced.
  • Device boxes! I’ll be able to repack my HomePods, Sonos, Hue items and so on in their original boxes. I intend to Tetris these into a larger box to make life easier.
  • Home Inventory: I’ve never managed one of these before but now seems like the time! I’m using the Home Inventory app on SetApp, and its companion iOS apps to add stuff. They haven’t been updated for the iPhone X and onward screens, but the app seems fine.
  • An OmniFocus folder with projects for each step of the journey (before moving, while in limbo, after moving, etc.).

So, what are your tips? :slight_smile:

The last time I moved I wasn’t as tech savvy with workflows. But a simple thing that I did instead of writing what is on the box. I just wrote a number on it and then that number has a corresponding note in my phone.

I would just check my phone for the box details and to see if it needed to be opened immediately or not.

I’m sure there could be a better way with a QR code and to just scan now. Maybe save it all in Airtable?

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Here’s hoping you’re going somewhere with the equivalent of the NHS.

I would video all your rooms as a first pass at your inventory. You can then work from the video to do your inventory without walking around trying to type on your phone/iPad.

If you think things might be packed for a while, there are apps that let you inventory a box (or take a photo) and link that to a qrcode placed on the outside of the box. Very handy. I used Quick Peek.

This stretchy packing film is awesome.

As is sticky bubble wrap.

My wife and I move every 2-3 years for work (ugh!), so we deal with this quite frequently. We are lucky enough (or not depending on how much of our stuff they break) to always have movers so we don’t have to do much work. That being said, a solid inventory of the stuff you really care about is a smart move. If you don’t care if it goes missing, don’t waste your time.

Definitely set up a new budget and put aside a decent chunk of change for moving expenses (activating utilities, signing up for new services, replacing/adding any furniture, etc).

Make a list of every place/company/service that sends you paper mail (including any magazines), and start working your way through to update addresses. I keep a running list the couple months before I move so I know what I need to update as the mail gets forwarded.

I personally prioritize the heck out of setting up my internet — after power/water that’s basically priority #1 — it enables everything else for us!