Tel url Scheme - Choose app each time


Im looking to solve a small problem I’m facing. I would like to be able to choose the application that is used each time I dial a telephone number. I use Teams for work calls and Facetime to dial out from my mobile. I can select a permanenet app within Facetime but would like a way I can choose the app each time I click to dial.

It’s similar functionality to the ‘Choosy’ web browser app I guess that allows you to select a browser each time a link is clicked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is this on Mac?

Are you dialing the number directly (i.e. typing it in) each time, or dialing from contacts?

How are you choosing who you wish to contact?

Yes, MacOS.

Generally speaking I will use Alfred to search contacts and then dial. Sometimes it could be a webpage but not usually.