Text (code) editor ups and downs

Interesting discussion!

I personally like using vim-like keyboard bindings because t hey are pretty universal. Currently, I mostly edit in VSCode with around 10 plugins (things like live share etc).

Allows me to have my cake (can edit files in terminal without effort on any unix machine) and eat it, too (nice UI and tools to support me). But I try not to get religious about IT stuff including editors. A prof at my univerity warned us about it in the first year. :sweat_smile:


Same here. I still use a fair bit of Vim as I still wind up doing config work on Linux servers frequently, and that’s an editor that you can almost always count on having installed.

That said, I never got really into all the plug-ins and key bindings and all that sort of thing. I just use the basic features – and it serves me pretty well.

On the Mac, I use BBEdit for the same reasons you do. Lots of great features, nice support, and it does almost everything I need it to do. And many of the things it doesn’t do out of the box, I can program in with tax factories and such.

I just discovered that it had a Git client the other day. It’s just surreal the number of things that are in there.

I’ve tried a number of the new editors, but I always wind up back at BBEdit.


Aurora Editor is a fork of CodeEdit and is also in active development.

Seems there was a bit of bad blood between the development teams …

Interesting space to watch.

I’ve had a license to BBEdit since at least 2005, and my 2005 email is for an update from v 6.5, I don’t do much coding these days, but when I do, I chose BBEdit. And I too use CodeRunner for quick script stuff and such. It is a good tool for that job.

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Guido van Rossum (creator of Python) makes an interesting case for VSCode being the heir apparent of Emacs.

If you prefer VSCode without Microsoft’s telemetry, etc. there’s VS Codium.

I’ve been tinkering with it (again) the last few days, and it’s starting to grow on me.