Text editors and workflows - Again (A never-ending story)

Hello everyone and thank you for all the support I have been getting during the last months through this forum!

I was unsure whether to start this topic or not since it is already much debated, but here we go. I still struggling a bit with what text-editor I will use for different cases.

As of now, I use Obsidian for almost everything (in theory) since I often end writing lesson plans, exercises for class, powerpoint-presentations in Word/Pages/Keynote/Powerpoint. For meetings and quick notes during class I swap between Drafts, Typora, DevonThink, Obsidian, Bear. Sometimes I create documents during class (as a whiteboard) and I have found to like Typora for this since the WYSIWYG and the distractionfree design.

So here is my question! I would like to have most of my stuff in Obsidian, but use another writing app for meeting and quick capture (which might get into Obsidian later). One preference that I find very important, is the floating window-function that Drafts have. But I really really don’t wan’t to use Drafts (from an aesthetic point-of-view). Do you care to share you workflows for different text editors for different workflows? And if you know about a Typora/Obsidian-look-a-like with floating winds you would make my day!

I’m assuming macOS?

People were losing their minds over Tot by icon factory for a while.

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Yes MacOS but preferably macOS/Ios.
One of the few I haven’t tested. Thanks! Do you use it?

Do you know if it it have floating window?

Typora has an Always on Top option in the View Menu. If you define Typora as the default app for all .md and .markdown files then you can use the “Open in Default App” setting from Obsidian’s contextual menu to open your Obsidian files in Typora for editing, when necessary. And you can define a folder in the Obsidian vault as a folder that Typora uses for new documents.

I use Typora these ways with Obsidian – best of both worlds kind of situation. Obsidian’s export is … [an impolite word], so I rely on other apps to package and export Obsidian documents.

In addition, for capture, I use Drafts’ share extension to capture text, etc., from Safari and other apps, and use a Draft’s action to send the result over to Obsidian files.


This! You made me look into the documentation of Typora which was very needed. I really really have been enjoying using Typora but haven’t been looking to much into its functions. Now I know so much more about it than I did before. I think it will be Obsidian and Typora that will work for my needs. Thank you!


I tried Typora some time ago, but did not care for it. Maybe time to take another look.