Text selection gone haywire

Not sure when this problem started because it took me a while to identify what was happening. I did recently upgrade to Big Sur so it may be just a convention that was changed with the new OS but it’s driving me crazy.

I used to be able to double-click on a single word in any text field (any app) to highlight just that word. Currently, if I double-click any single word, it highlights the entire paragraph - but inconsistently. Sometimes it highlights just the word. It’s as if my mouse is recognizing double-clicks as triple-clicks. I’ve browsed around in the system settings as well as the settings in Better Touch Tool, which I have been using for years without issue, but can’t seem to find any pertinent text-selection options to even modify let alone “fix”. Anyone else having this issue? Any other suggestions on how to fix?

Have you tried adjusting the double-click speed? I would think it would apply to triple-click too, and perhaps your clicks are being misinterpreted.

Or try a different mouse/trackpad. Maybe there is a sticky button.

Another possibility is if it’s Bluetooth that there is some kind of interference. Not 5 minutes ago my Magic Keyboard started playing up — slow typing, some odd characters included — and yet my MacBook Pro’s own keyboard is fine. Bluetooth has been troublesome for me since Catalina.

I identified and - somehow seemingly solved - this problem. For anyone else with a Razer mouse acting up, try this first!
Spoilers: ya literally just blow in it. :man_shrugging:

Razer mouse double-click problem