TextExpander in Obsidian on iOS?

I want to create some TextExpander snippets that I can use in Obsidian. They work fine on the Mac, but on my iPad the attached keyboard won’t trigger them, even if I have selected the TE keyboard in System Preferences/Keyboard. I have to pull up the on-screen keyboard, and use awkward keystrokes to type symbols like ^ or #. Is there any buzz about having Obsidian mobile somehow natively integrate with TextExpander, as so many apps do? Or is it impossible for an electron app?

On the iPad, you can only use TextExpander on a hardware keyboard if the app you’re using has built-in support for TextExpander. You could request that Obsidian’s developers add TextExpander support. It may also be possible to add this support through an Obsidian plug-in.

In the meantime, you could write the text in an app that supports TextExpander (e.g. Drafts) and copy and paste it into Obsidian. It’s not ideal but is probably more convenient than using TextExpander’s on-screen keyboard.

I hope this helps!


THANKS. Knew most of that. I’ve searched “Community Plugins” in Obsidian, and don’t find any TextExpander pluggin, just one for “Text Expander” which expands snippets in its own way with a special syntax. I’ll lobby the Obsidian devs.

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