TextExpander (or other ideas) help!

I use an electronic medical record at work which has built in “dot phrases” which are essentially just built in text expansion phrases. I would like to move to an app like TextExpander for the primary reason of different health care systems use different EMR. And even if the same EMR they don’t “share” all the phrases so you have to start over and remake them which is tedious.

I have looked at both TextExpander and PhraseExpress which are close but not exactly what I need. I use iOS, Mac, and pc’s to access the medical record. TextExpander works great for syncing on all devices, but doesn’t have a great option when at a different hospital to log in (Aka no web browser version to use to put text in the medical record, and most hospital systems don’t let you download software and text expander doesn’t seem to have a usb flash drive version to run).

PhraseExpress seems much closer to what I need (has a flash drive install version, but not very sync friendly including Mac and windows using different file types so not true sync).

Only thing I can think of so far is use text expander on my own devices, and then use a usb flash drive version of PhraseExpress or Bree y (which would require me to export manually TextExpander to the phrase express usb flash drive app).

Would appreciate any assistance or other ideas (or even a free flash drive app that I could manually export text expander to).

Would love it if text expander had a flash drive app to run but I doubt that will be coming with them moving everything to cloud sync and subscribe model.

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