TextExpander sync

Hi everyone

I have an issue that’s been annoying me for a long time. It is the lack of synchronisation between the MacOS version of TextExpander and the iOS version.

I’m not on their subscription so I use TextExpander version 5 and whatever the latest version is on iOS.

I have been in contact with smile and apparently there is no way to sync the two. What the h… Smile.

Anyone out there with a similar problem. How do you go about it?

Thanks :blush:

Hmmm…syncing works fine for me with the last non-subscription version on the Mac and TE Touch 3.5.6 (aka Legacy) on iOS. Maybe you updated iOS TE to the subscription version?


I’m on version 5.15 of TE on Mac. So I don’t think so. Are you syncing through Dropbox or how are you syncing? I refuse to have Dropbox on my Mac, so that’s why its a problem for me :blush:

Same here, using 5.1.4 on Mac and 3.5.6 on iOS; works fine using iCloud

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Yeah I’m also using iCloud.

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Okay I’ll have to get back in touch with smile then. Thanks :blush: