Thanks to the moderators of this forum

Thank you!

Thanks to the moderators, @MacSparky, @ismh, and @RosemaryOrchard, for their even-handed moderation of this forum, and helping to make it one of the most informative, helpful, and lowest-drama places on the internet.


“even-handed” and “low-drama” – exactly right. Thanks @JohnAtl

This is one of the best forum experiences I know of.

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@JohnAtl @anon41602260 A big AMEN. The world would be a better place if all social media was like this forum.


Here, here! :clap:

I agree they make this place a pleasant place to come.

Thanks for all the hard work.

I’ll echo the sentiment. Thanks for a positive and educational forum experience

Cheers to the moderators! The group does foster respectful and friendly dialog. MPU is the only forum I visit daily and consistently learn something new and delightful. :smiley:

I concur with the sentiments expressed above. Thanks, moderators, for all you do.

Echoing the thanks. I really believe in what we’re doing here as community members and appreciate the moderators and hosts very much.

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Thanks yall! :orange_heart: This means a lot!


Indeed, thanks for the awesome shows and forums!

Absolutely want to join this as well! Thanks Andy long may you reign!

I’ll join the chorus here, this is the only social site online that consistently brings me joy and inspiration, THANK YOU to our generous hosts!! :pray:

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echoing everyone here, we would not be enjoying the discussion without the moderators

Absolutely, positively! Wonderful place to hang out and learn off so many brilliant generous people. Sometimes it is absolutely the high point of my day. I am rarely the least bit bored although a lot of it is way over my head and then some. But I have learned SO so much!

And of course the moderators are our fine leaders, worthy of emulation!

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However now it became “high-drama” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No seriously I agree.

Maybe its about those Power-users not being “fan bois / girls” having the ability to look critical to things and being a nerd about the technology and workflows plus actually trying to get out BENEFIT for their own business and workflow.

Furthermore you kind of get into this forum by the channels of Macsparky, because you heard of it in one of his podcasts. There are kind of many filters before you will hear of this forum and will enter.

Many of the members here are long time Mac seriously power users, thats a great community for me.

Can’t agreed more strongly, such a balanced and nice place to hang out. Thank you.

This is a great forum. The crew that moderates this do an outstanding job. The MPU podcast is my favorite podcast.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to David, Stephen, and Rosemary.

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