The Apple Event Quiz (The Verge)

Courtesy of The Verge, here’s a fun quiz on Apple Events! I got 8/13 correct.


10/13. I only guessed on one question.

Fun–6/13. The little horoscope at the end was right that I’ve experimented with Android.

I got 8 out of 13.


7/13. D’s get degrees!

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5/13, but the horoscope is utterly wrong on nearly every point:

  • I’ve at least skimmed the info on nearly every Apple event of the last 20+ years, but I’ve rarely (if ever) actually watched one
  • I remember the first iPhone vividly, but never really saw the iPod commercials
  • I’ve used Macs back to the original – as well as Apple ][+, ][e and ][gs machines before that/around the same time – and I’ve never used Windows except when required for work
  • I’ve never owned an Android device

You’re tuned in

You’ve followed Apple Events here and there over the years. You fondly remember the fun iPod commercials of the early 2000s and vaguely recall when Apple announced the first iPhone. You dragged your feet on getting a Mac, because what about Windows?? But once you did it, it wasn’t so bad. You’ve definitely experimented with having an Android phone but switched back to an iPhone because that life is just too hard.


12/13 and got lucky with the Mac Rumors guess.

8/13 for me. I can blame my aging memory.

6/13. I’ve got to spend more time on my apple studies

6/13! Yikes. Apparently I’m not an Apple history buff, though my wallet is a big fan with each keynote and event.

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10/13 - they’re wrong though, I’m on a 2 yearly phone cycle :rofl::rofl:

7/13. If there were a few questions about the iPod Shuffle I would have knocked it out of the park…