The Digital vs Analogue Note Taking Debate. I'm Finally at Peace

That’s right yes. Not an issue for me but I can see where this would be a stumbling block for others.

Also - nice handle, Michael Bolton :laughing:


This, 100%. I find discomfort in the intangibility of it all. Though I do find digital notetaking useful for rewriting drafts and such. I’ll never turn away from notebooks, but I can reserve digital notetaking for freewriting.

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My opinions:
If I want to be able to search it years later, electronic is best.
Documenting / presenting - I use electronic diagrams and illustrations.
If I want to learn it, handwriting is best.
Ephemeral notes I will never need again, like checking off a multi step process for multiple items in a table - handwrite
Trying to figure something out - hand drawing / diagramming.