The Facebook app just crashed my ipad

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, when the feed just froze. This happens regularly, ever since iOS11 hit Thea airwaves. Usually, the freeze will r cover in a few seconds. This time it did not.
I was suddenly staring at a black screen with the white Apple logo seen, when iOS is booting.

Whatever happened to processes running in separate memory space, so that they can’t stomp on another app’s memory, let alone the priveledged kernel?

I never saw that happen with Facebook. But I do see something mysteriously reboot my iPad every once in a blue moon.

With the being said, I just deleted Facebook off my iPad and iPhone. It seems to have a reputation of taking up unnecessary background CPU use even with a force-quit to close the app completely.

The only advantage to have the actual Facebook app is to take pictures with your phone/tablet and for notifications. I didn’t need to hear my friend’s quibbles about crappy service at a restaurant whenever I get facebook alerts. I just use Facebook within Safari. I close the Safari tab when I’m done with Facebook. It’s not worth the battery drain and the constant notifications about my friend’s lunch for today.

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There are lots of reasons why the device might reboot or Springboard might restart. Depending how long the Apple logo appeared for the device at not have rebooted. A few seconds is just Springboard restarting. If the kernel panicked then it’ll be a full reboot.

Either way it’s probably an iOS bug rather than Facebook’s app that caused it. Yes Facebook might have triggered it by calling a combination of iOS framework methods in a certain order, but iOS should have been more resilient.

Knowing Facebook and their shady practices, though, they probably called a few private methods that aren’t intended to be called by mere mortals. In that case iOS shouldn’t be reprimanded for not coping. Apps don’t usually survive app review if they’re found to be doing this but Facebook get away with more than most app developers.


Gmail is an app that crashes regularly but DOESNT reboot the OS

The Apple logo was visible for a long time.
We don’t get a nice crash dump in iOS like MacOS

Yeah you do. You have to hook your device up to a Mac and then you can view the logs in the Console.

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I think this is probably telling you something. Maybe just don’t use Facebook?

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or, don’t use ios since it can’t trap unhandled exceptions.