The flexibility of iCloud Family Storage Sharing


Today, I spent 10 minutes and discovered that iCloud plans are not as inflexible as I thought they were. Due to family iCloud storage use, I had to move from 200gb tier to the 1tb tier.

It so happens (although I didnt find any specific documentation) that a family member can choose not to use the iCloud storage and subsribe directly. This may not work out for everyone, but for my use case, it saved me some coin :slight_smile: The brilliant thing is that specific family member remains part of the iCloud family including access to all the features aside from iCloud storage.

For details, of course I wrote a blogpost:
The flexibility of iCloud Family Storage Sharing

If this post saves some money for MacPowerUsers, it will be icing on the cake for me :slight_smile: Speaking of cake, I am feeling a bit peckish


Interesting post.

I have a different problem. We were sharing2TB as a family but I have moved to Apple one. So I now have 2Tb. This should share with the family but it don’t seem to. I have cancelled subscription on existing 2 tb plan in another family members account but now worried about data loss at the end is the billing period


Great post, very informative.
In my case I’m trying to postpone upgrading to the 2TB plan, I pay for 2x 200GB in the family but both are approaching the limit.

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Happened to me as well. I subscribed 200GB for myself and my wife separately. The beauty of this is that once we both reach the limit, I subscribed to 2TB, she unsub from her 200GB and join my 2TB and we both share the new higher storage without needing to do any data/photo migration at all! It just works.