The good old days

I’ve been sorting through and culling a host of photographs that I still hold in Aperture vaults, moving the originals that I’ve decided to keep and discarding the rest. Aperture still works beautifully on Mojave, though it does look somewhat dated now. Such a shame that Apple dropped so accomplished an app in favour of Photos, though I do see the rationale behind the move. Nonetheless I mourn its passing and, though I suspect it won’t happen (never say never), I’d love to see it revived.
If you could wave a wand and summon a favourite app from days gone by to rise, Phoenix like, from the ashes of burned out code, which one would you choose?


Definitely Aperture - still don’t get their decision to cancel the product.
Another one is a very old one and a game - an old MS-DOS game: Kings Quest I, loved it … 35 years ago :joy::crazy_face:

This is a little odd, but I would actually like to see iMovie from iLife 11 rise again. It was so much easier to use, and faster to edit. I actually think using Final Cut Pro is faster than iMovie these days.

What especially hurts iMovie currently is the way you create projects and events. The footage can very easily end up being in the library twice or get separated from the edited project entirely.
Also the fact that you can’t select as you skim the video anymore, at least not without using a key on the keyboard, it is such a pain in the rear.

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It’s Aperture for me as well. I finally switched to Lightroom this summer after import and editing in Aperture became problematic. While I see that there are many areas where Aperture had fallen behind, there are still some things that are easier in Aperture than Lightroom. Aperture also flies on current hardware. Lightroom, while it’s getting better, is inconsistent there.

It’s not exactly an app, but KDE 3 became deeply ingrained in my fingers and brain during the period in the mid 2000’s when I used it as my primary desktop on Linux. Then it went all Microsoft Vista (unstable, with flashy graphics and very poor performance on my admittedly ancient hardware). I’ve no doubt that it has recovered from that, but it didn’t happen before I moved on. I still miss how well it fit with the way I worked.

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That’s all I wanted to say, but a post must be at least 20 characters. It was accurate. It was simple. It did scale drawing. You could select a bunch of text and graphics together and do something like change the font or line width, and the objects that could accept the change would do it and those that could not accept it would ignore it. Unlike Corel draw which would change the outline of text to bold with horrifying results.