The Groundhog Day of iOS App updates

I have had no luck searching for solutions to this issue, but I have one app on my iPhone XR that constantly needs updating. Here’s the thing. This morning the App Store tells me that there’s an update for Nike Run Club to v 6.6.0. The problem is that I installed it yesterday. And the day before. And the day before.

If I run the install my phone will download the 234.7 MB file (or it will appear to do so). I can open the app, and if I go through my profile to settings and ‘about this version,’ it will tell me that I’m updated to version 6.6.0. And then tomorrow I will open the App store and see the 6.6.0 update waiting for me, and that somehow my Nike Run app is now back to v. 6.3.0.

And Sonny and Cher will be playing in the background! OK, that part isn’t true, but I am having this “Groundhog Day” app problem. It really isn’t a big deal, other than that I think it will slowly drive me insane. In the past I have only had luck by deleting the app completely from my phone and then reinstalling it. But this has only worked for a short while. Eventually the Nike Run app goes back to being caught in a loop. As far as I can tell, the app is the only one that has this problem.

Any suggestions?

I once ran into a similarly frustrating issue when a bunch of apps would refuse to update :exploding_head: After being completely baffled by it I reached out to Apple Support over phone and spent a few hours recording videos, sending diagnostic logs etc. It was a nightmare but eventually the issue resolved itself, though I am not exactly certain what caused it.

I suggest you reach out to Apple. I’m not sure if the COVID-19 situation has resulted in limited hours and longer hold times so you might want to wait till this situation is behind us for faster support. Best of luck!

Turn on Automatic Updates and stop checking for updates manually.

Well, … check for updates manually no more than once a week. Because sometimes the App Store app needs a little “help”.

Put a reminder on your calendar and tell yourself you won’t do it unless you read that reminder (or if you hear about an update that you know will solve some problem you’ve been having).


Automatic updates seems to randomly ignore approximately 50% of the apps that need updating. I had 42 when I manually checked this morning, so a week old (whilst other apps had updated automatically overnight).

True, but this way the annoyance is only weekly instead of daily :wink:

I’d delete (uninstall) the app and then reinstall. That should stop the attempts to update.

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From the original post:

It probably only works until the next update. Then delete and install again. :weary:

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When was the last time you turned off/restarted your device?

This sounds like an entirely sensible way of doing things, but I actually like looking at the features in the updates. I tend to drink my morning, coffee, read fake news and do app updates in the morning.

I’m not sure, although I’m not one of those who goes for months without restarting. . I’m pretty sure I’ve tried a restart but will give it a check.