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I haven’t yet gone as far as having meetings at the local IKEA but I do like grabbing a coffee or occasional snack and getting some work done in the restaurant.

With two stores nearby, I signed up for the Family card (free / kiosks in stores print the card) and enjoy free coffee in the restaurant. It’s not boutique coffee but the Americano out of the super-automatic espresso machine is acceptable.

I’m almost afraid to admit this publicly. I’ve never eaten at the IKEA restaurant. Not once!

Something about IKEA that makes me want to grab whatever I want and just leave.

Crank up the volume on your iPad Pro and play some Jonathan Coulton.


Anyone who goes to Ikea should at least try the Swedish meatballs. I’m an omnivore but find there vege-balls really tasty!

On the other hand, ours is always so busy when we visit that I can’t imagine actually working or holding a meeting there. What would happen if you tried to use a model office in the showroom as a real office?


Unfortunately, the restaurant at my local Ikea has almost non-existent Wi-Fi, but the Swedish meatballs are awesome.