The iPad annotation page dance blues

I have a question for those of you doing annotations on your iPad in such apps as PDF(XYZ) or DevonThink or Bookends or others.

How do you prevent the PDF page from resizing or scrolling around as you annotate? I am continually frustrated by having my wrist or shirt or whatever cause the page to dance when I want to highlight or markup or write a text note.

Any recommendations???

In case it matters, I am primarily using PDFExpert, Bookends, and Zoomnotes.


I use the Apple Pencil 2 and have never had an issue.

I use an Apple Pencil 2 with GoodNotes almost daily. It’s palm detection is quite excellent. In about 3 years of use, I could easily count the number of “stutters” I have experienced on one hand. Back when I used an original Apple Pencil, I don’t recall any palm detection problems with GoodNotes then, either.

I know it’s not what you use, but if you’re able to try a different app, that one has been almost 100% foolproof for me.


I have an ApplePencil 2. I have the wrist protection mode turned on for PDFExpert. I’m not inclined to change apps.

I am considering whether to buy a wrist guard, the kind that are advertised to keep the iPad from smearing as you sketch and supposedly also protect against unwanted actions such as I am experiencing.


Maybe it’s a PDFExpert-related problem?

I also have never had any issues with this. I’m not using PDFExpert though.


The issue also happens also in Bookends and ZoomNotes.