The irony of it all

I was on a support call with Apple, checking to see if they received my old phone that I had shipped to them. The iphone I was using to make the call to Apple was plugged into charge while I was on the phone call.

The phone was also in low power mode. When the charge level reaches 80%, low power mode is automatically disabled, as seen by a notification popup.

When the notification for Low Power Mode being disabled was displayed, the phone call got dropped. This could be coincidental, but I filed a bug report anyway. Let them try to duplicate the issue.

Unfortunately, I had to call back and sit on hold again. I asked the service person to make a note in my file that the call was dropped, while the original service person had me on hold.

I wonder how often the calls get dropped when users call in on their iphones :wink:

BTW, I had a full strength cell signal when I made the call.

People make mistakes while transfering calls. Technical glitches happen. Your phone might be well connected to a tower but if the tower or the network its connected fails no number of bars will be enough to get you connected.