The new find my app is not as convenient as Find my iPhone

Had a friend several years ago drop his iphone at an event and right away opened the FMI app and he was able to put his iD and PW in bring up the map and put in satellite view and we found his phone in a matter of minutes. I have not had the use for that since then until yesterday.
Someone lost their phone on our Ranch so i pop up the Find my app then realize I have to completely log out of I Cloud on my device so he can log in only to be confronted with the message that he needs to enter the code sent to trusted device, well how do you do that when it’s lost? I then see that you are supposed to help a friend out by logging into in safari so do that and up pops his phone but absolutely no way to bring up a satellite view so all we see is the phone in the middle of a big yellow screen with no landmarks or anything to go by and on top of that it wasn’t showing the flashing blue dot for my location. This was of no help in the middle of thousands of acres. We finally did find it driving around the areas he’d been and pushing the sound button. This is a real flaw I find and a HUGE step backwards from what it once was. Had it at least been showing my current location that would have helped some. Has anyone else experienced this with the new Find My app instead of the old Find My iPhone app?

Apple definitely changed how the “Find My…” feature works, and it’s likely due to security changes that they’ve made. For example, the Find My app is focused on your devices and your family’s devices — not anyone else’s.

I was surprised that the iOS version was so limited. On the Mac, you can switch to a satellite view if the map view isn’t showing enough detail.

This sounds like good feedback to give to Apple and I hope they can improve function without compromising security.

Even on the iPad in what’s supposed to be the Safari desktop version there is no option for satellite view.

Hmm I have three views available (including satellite)using the “Find” app.

Yes I do tooas long as I am logged into my own Apple ID and looking at my own devices.