The one iPad / iPhone improvement I'd love to see

Oh how I wish that, when I long press on an app’s icon on the Home Screen or App library, the menu that pops up offered me the option to go straight to the app’s settings.

(And that universal control was more reliable.)


I’d love the long press to allow offload of the app

Had tons of problems with universal control for several month in winter. All has been great since march now. I guess it is stupid to alway be on the beta train:)

Thanks for finding the bugs so I don’t have to. :wink:


I suppose the problem is that there are often 2 different set of settings. Those which live in the Settings app, and those which are in a custom settings area in the app.

Where there is a need to access settings quickly can you do that via a shortcut?

I’ve had surprisingly good and reliable experiences with Universal Control, except one issue. I can drag documents from my Mac using the Mac trackpad to my iPad. I can also drag documents using my Mac trackpad from my iPad to the Mac. I, however, cannot drag documents from my iPad to my Mac using my iPad’s trackpad from the magic keyboard. It’s so frustrating because, essentially, I can control my iPad from my Mac, but I can’t really control my Mac from my iPad. Anyone else have this problem?