The R AirPod Pro earbud died-replace or wait?

Yesterday when I went for my run I noticed that the R iPod Pro earbud was no longer working. These are the first gen. IPod Pros (I believe there was a 2nd gen but I don’t recall).

I hear rumors about new iPods but I don’t know if they were for Pros.

Based on what you have read, when do you think new iPods and/or iPod Pro will be announced? Should I wait or replace the R earbud now?

iPod – or AirPod?

I don’t think Apple has made any iPods other than the iPod Touch (an iPhone with out the phone) since maybe 2017 or earlier.

If you have AirPod pro earbud issues I would set up a call with Apple support and see if they can walk you through resurrecting it.

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Sorry, AirPod! :slight_smile:

There’s a good chance it’s out of power and isn’t making charge contact in the case, which makes it totally unresponsive. Try pressing it down firmly to make the connection (case light should briefly turn off, I think, even if the airpod is dead.)

Thanks. I’ve tried that but I’ll try again just to make sure. :slight_smile:

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you might also try to call/chat with Apple support.
The Airpods pro were released in October 2019 I believe?
That’s a very short time for them to break, so maybe they’ll replace or service it?

You might also try unpairing the AirPods then re-pairing them.

I did a little googling and decided to do a factory reset of the AirPods. I did not realize that could be done. After the reset the right AirPod charged. I was able to charge them completely and go on my run early this afternoon. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it continues to function properly.

I’m sharing my solution in the event that it proves helpful to someone else in the future.


I had my right AirPod Pro go out the other day, and mine are less than a month old and were fully charged at the time. I forget what exactly got it working. I think I paired it with another device, then back to the one I wanted to use, but this was after replacing it in the case and opening/closing the case a few times.

They can be finicky!

Thanks for sharing @Bmosbacker !
Hope it works long term

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